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daily ritual

Create a  daily ritual where you squash the negative voice in your head. Give yourself a daily pep talk so you believe that you are worthy of success, happiness, wealth, and abundance.

create a morning routine

Use these cards daily during your morning routine, while at work, before a big meeting, when you’re feeling anxious or when you need a few minutes to recenter yourself.

What happens when you use our cards

  • shift your thoughts

    Shift the way you think about money.  Say goodbye to a scarcity mindset and hello to a MINDSET OF ABUNDANCE! 

  • take control

    Believe that you have the power to shift the way you view your circumstances.

  • live abundantly

    Believe the life you have right now is a life of abundance so that more will flow to you.

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How much is shipping?

Domestic shipping is included in the price of each set of cards! Shipping outside the US will depend on the country. 

What if I want to buy more than one set?

AWESOME!  If you'd like to order 10+ sets of cards please email us at with the subject line "bulk order."

How many sets of affirmation cards do you have?

Excellent question!

Yes! We currently have four different sets of affirmation cards in our shop: 

-Money Mindset

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