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Affirmation cards, shift your mindset!

When I first started looking for affirmation cards back in 2017 I was in search of something that would help me with my scarcity mindset around money.

I was ready to change the way I think about money.

I was ready to believe and know I was worthy of making money. Thus money mindset affirmation cards were born! 

But here is an important thing to note. My dream and desire for Abundant Affirmations is for us to go beyond pretty sets of cards! 

We’re mindset shifters.

We’re abundance cultivators.

This goes far beyond just money. Even as I was working on our first set I knew the second set needed to be about "being enough."

Working through self-doubt, not letting the inner voice tell you that you're not enough. 

I am currently working on getting the affirmations finalized for this set + working with my designer to find the perfect look or these cards! 

If you struggle with self-worth, have major self-doubt, or constantly feel like you are not enough then these cards are for you! {and me too!} 

I am hoping to have them available for pre-sale by the end of August! If you want to be the first to find out when the second set launches be sure to join our newsletter, affirmation mail