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Affirmations for Moms

“You got this, Mama.”

It’s a phrase we mamas learn from day one of being somebody’s mom.

It starts over the first few crazed days of having your first newborn.

Then it becomes an automatic reply when the twos become terrible, when sleep is non-existent, or when tantrums in the grocery store aisle are louder than an air raid. 

Not speaking from personal experience or anything…

“You got this.”

We toss the phrase out to other mothers like buoys in a storm – it’s a bright, beckoning light in the midst of our most frazzled, spent, and worn out selves. 

And it works. Whatever the situation, we know it’s true.

We got this. 

On the strong days, the days when we’ve had enough coffee, we’ve had a little extra help and we’ve had enough time for ourselves, we feel it, right?

But, sometimes when the self-doubt creeps in, when we’re counting down the hours until bedtime, or when our work duties blend too deeply into our home lives, it’s hard to remember; then the doubt settles in.

We got this?


Do we, really? 

Are we absolutely sure?

Sometimes, we need something beyond “you got this.”

After all, we know the laundry will get done. We know the baby will eventually stop teething. We know the phase of our little one’s rolling their eyes or yelling, “no” will pass…until they’re teenagers, at least.

We know childhood doesn’t last forever. We’ve witnessed it first-hand.

Still, we need the words to go a little deeper. We need something more than a platitude to get us through the deep-seeded worries, doubts and fears that creep beyond our day-to-days and into our identities.

They can look like:

  • Questions about what we bring to the world outside of our motherly duties.
  • Questions about whether the work we put our hands to outside of caring for our children means anything important.
  • Questions about how other moms seem to have it all together. They do it all and more. Better than us. With prettier hair!
  • Questions about whether we’re even likable – let alone lovable – as we are: imperfect, impatient, but doing our absolute best.

    Our motherhood affirmation cards were created for you – tired mama – to begin a self-care ritual where you remind yourself that not only do you “got this,” you have the tools and positive reinforcement to be the best mom and woman you can be every single day.

    This set goes beyond the daily tussles of motherhood and into speaking positively about your worth, your identity, and your life.

    After all, a strong mama raises strong children. You’d never utter negative words about capabilities or worth to your kids or other moms.

    So, why do you say them to yourself?

    This affirmation set is for the mama who needs something encouraging and meaningful to reach for on the hard days.

    They’re made for the women who needs to know she is enough – for her children, her work, and herself.

    They’re here for the women who thinks and hears she’s got this.

    But she needs to know it, too.