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How Affirmations Can Help Shift Your Habits

I’ve become fascinated with habits. 

How we create them and how we break them.

Honest truth, I opened up my google document, wrote a few notes that were swirling around in my head and then instead of diving in I immediately hit a new tab and was going to go “check-in” with Facebook. 

Why? Because I have created a habit wherein I get a great idea/writing topic and then when I have to start to unpack it I get overwhelmed and scroll FB instead. Y’all, this happens without me even thinking. 

The only reason I caught myself was because I just read this line in Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit,

“When a habit emerges, the brain stops fully participating in the decision making. It stops working so hard, or diverts focus to other tasks. So unless you deliberately fight a habit --- unless you find new routines --- the pattern will unfold automatically.”

This is exactly why I knew I needed to create affirmation cards. The same principle described above happens with our thoughts.

When a situation happens, say for example, an opportunity to apply for a new position at your job, or to apply for a position with the PTA you go through this cycle: 
  1. You become excited about the possibility and think you’d kill it at the job.
  2. You look into the position and see that maybe you don’t meet 100 percent of the qualifications. 
  3. You immediately begin to doubt yourself and your ability to do the job, even though hours earlier you knew you’d kill it in that position.
  4. You let that self-doubt takeover and you don’t even apply for the position. You don’t even give yourself the opportunity to put your hat in the ring for the job. 

You’ve created this thought habit where you immediately think you are not good enough, qualified enough, or worthy enough to even apply for the job, let alone have the job. 

The only way to break this thought habit is to find a new routine like Duhigg says, or as I like to say, create a new ritual.

A ritual where every day you spend a few minutes speaking positive words over yourself. 

Our affirmation cards were created so you {AND ME!} could create a daily ritual where you give yourself the pep-talk you need to stop the negative talk in your head.  Where you create a daily ritual that combats those thoughts that unfold automatically.

The more you focus on positive thoughts the more your life changes. Not because anything in your life actually changes but because you are changing your inner voice which starts to transform your thoughts and your thoughts start to change our actions. 

If your inner voice lives in a place of scarcity and money struggles our money mindset deck is the perfect way to start creating a new story about money and abundance. 

If your inner voice defaults to self-doubt and unworthiness our self-worth affirmations are the reminders you need to speak over yourself daily.