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Career Affirmation Cards

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Thoughtful, small actions can and will help you progress in your career. 

Small steps lead to big things.

You are smart, confident, and deserve a seat at the table. It’s time you start believing in yourself and lean into your value and worth.

These cards will help you create a ritual where you squash the negative voice in your head and instead believe that you are worthy of success, happiness, wealth, and abundance.

Use these cards daily during your morning routine or morning commute, while at work, before a big meeting, while you're preparing for that big presentation, when you need a pep-talk and boost of confidence, when you’re feeling anxious, or when you need a few minutes to recenter yourself.

career affirmation cards


We made these for the woman who:

  •  questions whether or not she's worthy of a career opportunity.
  •  thinks everyone else in the room is smarter than her and that she isn't deserving of success.
  • thinks she doesn’t deserve a seat at the table. 
  • is afraid to speak up in a meeting. 
  • dreams about applying for her dream job position but doesn’t feel 100% qualified. 
  • has crazy audacious goals for her career but is afraid to lean in or not sure how to get started.
  • Needs a daily reminder that there is no set time-table for when you will reach your goals and dreams, so comparing yourself to others isn’t the solution.

              These cards make a great gift for new coaching clients, conference swag, or thank you gifts for podcast guests.


              • 25 cards with a motivating and thought provoking affirmation printed on the front
              • 3 inches by 3 inches
              • Classic yet modern black and white design that you can display anywhere
              • Sturdy and abundant cardstock to allow for daily use
                career affirmation cards


                • Believe and know you are capable of doing that job/position that feels out of your league.
                • Believe and know you are confident, decisive, and take action.
                • Believe and know that you, your abilities, and your ideas just as they are, are worthy of opportunities. You are worthy of applying for a better job/position.YOU ARE WORTHY!
                • Trust yourself, your decisions, and your voice. 
                • Believe and know you are worth having a seat at the table. 
                • Believe and know your career goals are not impossible to achieve.

                These cards will empower and raise your confidence so that you can squash the negative voice in your head!