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Grief Affirmation Cards

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Are you struggling with your grief? 

Do you feel like you’re doing it all wrong and no one sees or understands what you’re going through?

You’re not alone.

Our grief affirmation cards provide the important reminders you need to reframe how you view your grieving process. They will help you create a powerful ritual where you can both honor your pain and fight for joy at the same time.

Use these cards daily as part of your morning routine, to help you get through those tough milestone days, or to recenter and ground yourself when you’re feeling lonely, triggered, or overwhelmed by waves of grief.

We made these for the person who:

  • thinks their grief doesn’t matter.
  • has a hard time expressing their feelings about grief.
  • feels alone and misunderstood in their grief.
  • feels like they are weak, stuck, or a burden.
  • feels defined by their grief.
  • doubts their ability to feel joy again or feels guilty for happy moments.

            These cards are the perfect condolence and sympathy gift for someone who lost a person they love or is going through a painful transition. They’re also a great resource tool and gift for therapists, counselors, social workers, mental health professionals, and anyone working in a grief related industry.


            • 20 cards with a meaningful and encouraging affirmation on the front.
            • The back of each card also includes a negative belief that often interferes with our grieving process. The affirmation on the front is meant to help you reframe the negative thought into self-compassion and understanding.
            • 3 inches by 3 inches
            • Full color on the front
            • Sturdy and abundant cardstock to allow for daily use


              • Shift the way you think about grief.
              • Change how you respond to grief triggers.
              • Permission to honor your unique grieving process.
              • Believe and know how strong and resilient you are.
              • Believe and know that you are not defined by what happened to you.
              • Welcome joy in your life and feel it without guilt.

              These cards will uplift and support you as you work through grief and help you find joy again.

              Created in collaboration with The Joyful Jewelry Box