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Positive Affirmation Cards

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Shift your mindset, change your life. 

This affirmation deck is meant to help you shift your mindset and keep those negative thoughts away. 

The way you speak to yourself matters. The thoughts you think shape the life you live. 

These cards will help you create a ritual where you squash negative thoughts and instead believe that you are worthy of success, happiness, wealth, and abundance.

Affirmations act as an emotional buffer to things that are painful, negative, or threatening.

When you have a negative thought using affirmations work as a buffer to shift those feelings.


We made these for the woman who:

  • finds herself struggling to push past her negative thoughts.
  •  knows it is important to think positively but doesn't always know how to make the mindset shift. 
  • compares herself to other and always feel like she comes up short.
  • has a hard time silencing the negative voice in her head.
  • wants to turn her fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

            These cards make a great gift for new coaching clients, conference swag, or thank you gifts for podcast guests.


            • 20 cards with a motivating and thought provoking affirmation printed on the front
            • 3 inches by 3 inches
            • Full color on the front
            • Sturdy and abundant cardstock to allow for daily use


            • Change negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns.
            • Help you rewire your brain and access new beliefs.
            • Remind yourself that you have control over your thoughts. Your thoughts become things. 
            • Influence your subconscious mind to shift your way of thinking and break past thought patterns.
            • Shift your mindset and help you achieve your goals.
            • Help you release negativity, fear, worry, and anxiety.

            These cards will help you shift your mindset and keep a positive attitude and outlook on life.