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Self-Worth Affirmation Cards

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Thoughts become things.

The self-worth affirmation deck is meant to help you reprogram the way you speak to yourself so you stop believing the lies you tell yourself about not being enough.

You are more than enough. You are incredible and oh so powerful. It’s time you start believing it.

These cards will help you create a ritual where you squash the negative voice in your head and instead believe that you are worthy of success, happiness, wealth, and abundance.

Use these cards daily during your morning routine, while at work, before a big meeting, when you’re feeling anxious or when you need a few minutes to recenter yourself.

self worth affirmation cards

We made these for the woman who:

  • writes herself off as not worthy of an opportunity.
  •  thinks  everyone else in the room is smarter than her and that she isn't deserving of success.
  • compares herself to other and always feel like she comes up short.
  • has a hard time forgiving herself for past mistakes.
  • lets past rejections stop her from pursuing her dreams.

            These cards make a great gift for new coaching clients, conference swag, or thank you gifts for podcast guests.


            • 20 cards with a motivating and thought provoking affirmation printed on the front
            • UNIQUE to this set, the back of each card has a negative thought we often get stuck in our head. The affirmation on the front is a way to reframe the negative thought cycle. 
            • 3 inches by 3 inches
            • Full color on the front
            • Sturdy and abundant cardstock to allow for daily use
            self worth affirmation cards


            • Believe and know that you are enough just as you are. You don’t need to have a skinnier body, prettier face, a better home, car or job.
            • Believe and know that people love you just as you are and you should too!
            • Believe and know it is important to forgive yourself for past mistakes and not let them cloud your future.
            • Believe and know that when someone gives you a compliment they aren’t just saying it to be nice, they mean it!
            • Believe and know that you, your abilities, and your ideas just as they are, are worthy of opportunities. You are worthy of applying for a better job/position, you are worthy or running for office, you are worthy of starting your own business, you are worthy of volunteering to lead your local MOPS organization. YOU ARE WORTHY!
            • Believe and know that something doesn’t have to perfect for you to be successful.

            These cards will empower and raise your confidence so that you can squash the negative voice in your head!