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Body Positivity Affirmation Cards

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You are smart, confident, and beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! 

Our body positivity affirmation cards will help you create a ritual where you squash the negative voice in your head and instead believe that you are worthy of every experience, and that your value and worth is NOT rooted in your appearance.

Use these cards daily when you wake up, when you are getting ready for the day, when you feel yourself doubting your worth and value, or when you need a few minutes to recenter yourself.


We made these for the woman who:

  • Questions whether she has worth because her body feels and looks different from what she thinks is beautiful. 
  • Struggles to see beauty and value in herself based on who she is today and what her body looks like today.
  • Struggles to love herself.
  • Doesn’t see the strength she has.
  • Compares herself to other women.
  • Wants to reach a deeper level of appreciation for her body.

              These cards make a great gift for new coaching clients, women with bodies in transition whether it's post-baby, after weight gain or loss, or recovering from surgery or medical procedures, for pre-teens to older adults, and any woman who wants to invite a bit more joy into her daily routine.


              • 20 cards with a motivating and thought provoking affirmation printed on the front
              • 3 inches by 3 inches
              • beautiful design that you can display anywhere. 
              • Sturdy and abundant cardstock to allow for daily use


                • Believe and know you are smart, confident, and beautiful JUST AS YOU ARE TODAY!
                • Believe and know you have value and worth just as look and feel today. The person you see in the mirror is WORTHY!
                • Love your body, even the parts you deem as flaws.
                • Feel more positive and accepting of your body as it is today.
                • Replace negative thought patterns about yourself and your body with more realistic ones.
                • Enjoy your body and life without worrying about your outward appearance.

                These cards will empower and raise your confidence so that you can squash the negative voice in your head!